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The behind the scenes book of the most imaginative kid shows ever!

Did you watch Bill Jackson (B.J.) in Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Chicago, New York, or any one of the other major cities in the United States?

      If so, Kid Show-My    World of Imagination will bring back some of your fondest childhood memories as Bill takes you behind the scenes of all his shows.




     You're right by Bill's side  as he creates the most imaginative children's television found anywhere in America -- including Whozit, Faces in Clouds, Drawing to Music, Painting in Air, a mail-eating postmaster, a talking suggestion box, cliff-hanging serials, and the vaudeville-inspired  Hokey Theater Players. 

     To the delight of his viewers, Bill created perhaps the most compelling puppets in the history of children’s television, including :


smoke-billowing Dirty Dragon


 prissy Wally Goodscout,



wacky Weird,


   extremely exuberant Mother Plumtree, 


soft-spoken Old Professor



that pucker-power-menace, the Lemon Joke Kid


       and, yes, delightful non-puppet Blob -- an incredibly bizarre lump of clay that spoke unintelligible “mood talk” while B. J. molded him into everything from John Wayne's stagecoach  to a bubbling mountain stream.


       Bill’s most popular shows -- Cartoon Town, B. J. & Dirty Dragon, and The Gigglesnort Hotel  inspired creativity perhaps more than any other kid show on television.  Gigglesnort went on to national and international syndication.

      Written with Bill's off-beat humor and down-home style,  Kid Show -- My World of Imagination returns you to an era in children’s television you will never see again.

Special bonus --  Included in the book is a photo history of Bill's career.



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Captain Gig is delighted with what folks are saying:

     "Nobody in kids' TV packed more fun, enchantment, wackiness and creativity into their shows than Bill Jackson.  . . .This book is the ultimate companion to our treasured memories of B. J. and his gang." --   Jim Engel, Cartoonist and Children's Television Historian

    "The book was amazing." - Harry Sikma

      "I finished your book last night.  It was simply terrific.  . . .  As much as I treasure the memories of your shows, those memories are that much richer now for having read the book.  --  Kevin Anetsberger

     "He does a brilliant job in his writings by not pulling any punches in describing some devastating setbacks and nose-diving defeats that he had to overcome.  Ultimately, Jackson prevailed ...  creating some of the most innovative children's television in America." -- Tom Ward, Pop Culture Contributor.

     "It was a wonderful read. I truly enjoyed it, every word. The prose style was easy to read. I loved the fact that you wrote like you spoke on the show.  . . .  Sure glad I read it." -- Rick Cleveringa

... "He relates his story with humorous candor and meticulous attention to detail.  And throughout, he celebrates his love of imagination and creativity. -- Ted Okuda, co-author of The Golden Age of Chicago Children's Television



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