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The book about Bill's career in TV!


    Kid Show - My World of Imagination -- Bill Jackson, Chicago’s legendary creator of some of the most innovative local children’s television in America, takes you with him on a  journey filled with soaring successes and nose-diving defeats.





BooFrom his career's surprising beginning to its inevitable end , Bill, known as B. J., creates some of the most compelling puppets in the history of children’s TV, including such favorites as smoke-billowing Dirty Dragon, prissy Wally and wacky Weird, and the quite exuberant Mother Plumtree.  And, yes, there was non-puppet Blob -- that large. bizarre lump of clay B. J. sculpted that spoke unintelligible “mood talk” only B. J. could understand.

     Bill’s most popular shows -- Cartoon Town, B. J. & Dirty Dragon, and The Gigglesnort Hotel were all recorded in Chicago where his imaginative scripts, cartooning, puppetry, and production delighted his audiences and inspired creativity perhaps more than any other kid show on the screen.

      Written with Bill’s off-beat humor and down-home style, Bill takes you by his side in a journey through his past.  Kid Show -- My World of Imagination is as compelling and fun  as his shows were, and  returns you to an era in children’s television you will never see again.


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Check out this review by Ted Okuda -- co-author of The Golden Age of Chicago Children's Television --

    "Bill Jackson’s life has been so eventful that a single volume simply couldn’t contain it all.  Kid Show: My World of Imagination continues the journey which began with his wonderful memoir The Only Kid on the Carnival: An Extraordinary Childhood (2008).  And what a journey it is.  Bill became an award-winning and beloved kid show host and puppeteer,but the road to Cartoon Town, The BJ and Dirty Dragon Show and Gigglesnort Hotel led to revolving-door arenas known as local television stations. 

    Despite setbacks and disappointments that would have defeated others, Bill persevered and often thrived.  He also received heartwarming support from kindred spirits who appreciated and respected his artistry. 

    Bill’s artistic talent extends to the written page, as he deftly uses words to paint vivid mental pictures, conjuring you-are-there images of the people and places that impacted him personally and professionally.  He relates his story with humorous candor and meticulous attention to detail.

    And throughout, he celebrates his love of imagination and creativity. Walt Disney once remarked, “In bad times and good, I have never lost my sense of zest for life.” 

Kid Show: My World of Imagination makes it crystal clear that Bill Jackson possesses the same indomitable spirit."


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