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    Kid Show - My World of Imagination -- Bill Jackson, Chicago’s legendary creator of some of the most innovative local children’s television in America, takes you with him  on a  journey filled with outstanding  successes, and frustrating defeats.





BooFrom his career's surprising beginning to its inevitable end ,  Bill creates some of the most compelling puppets in the history of children’s TV, including such favorites as smoke-billowing Dirty Dragon, prissy Wally and wacky Weird, and the quite exuberant Mother Plumtree.  And, oh, yes, there was The Blob -- that large. bizarre lump of clay B. J. sculpted that spoke unintelligible “mood talk” only B. J. could understand.

     Bill’s most popular shows -- Cartoon Town, B. J. & Dirty Dragon, and The Gigglesnort Hotel were all recorded in Chicago --. where his imaginative cartooning, puppetry, and performance delighted his audiences and inspired many of them to seek creative careers  of their own.

      Written with Bill’s off-beat humor and down-home style, Kid Show -- My World of Imagination is as much fun as his shows were, and  returns you to an era in children’s television we will never see again.


It's a great gift...for you and your friends.

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