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Nostalgia, anyone?

These country music birds were called

"The Thumptwangers."

I created the Thumptwangers in Indianapolis, and originally they pretended to thump and twang the bluegrass music of the region, but soon branched out to "beak-sync" many of the great pop hits of the '60's and '70's.  Viewers of Cartoon Town and The B. J. & Dirty Dragon Show should remember them well.

Blast off to Mars!

    The first and some say the best serial ever to appear on Cartoon Town!  Mertz the Martian Meanie is waiting for you! 



Highlights from Cartoon Town and The B. J. & Dirty Dragon Show - all in Remembering, the only DVD that really tells the story.  CLICK HERE!



Great for Halloween!


Dirty Dragon Meets the Monsters!

It's a full moon and FrankenWeird and WolfWally...well, you know what those guys do in a full moon!




Make a reservation at the wackiest hotel on the planet.  What would you expect when the owner thinks he's sailing a ship?  CLICK HERE!



And here's a collector's delight!


        This brilliantly colorful giclee canvas print features every major character to appear on the show!




And here's what



Kickin' the leaves!